House Stark

9 Jun

While some of the Starks on “Game of Thrones” might have recently been killed off, Riley Stark, owner of Nettles organic farm on Lummi island is alive and well, providing a wonderful bed and breakfast experience for his guests.



Nettles farm is located on Lummi, one of the San Juan islands two hours from Seattle and an hour and a half from Vancouver, BC. It is home to sustainable fisheries, organic farms and views of Mt. Baker.




To get to Lummi island you have to take a ferry which is really more like a barge because the cars ride on top.


Starks also founded the Willows Inn and renowned restaurant that the New York Times once included in an article entitled “10 Restaurants Worth a Plane Ride.” Everything at the Willows Inn is locally grown, picked, fished and plucked. To eat at this restaurant, you have to be on a waiting list.

The island is quiet and beautiful.





And quiet and beautiful is good for all of our souls.



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