22 Sep


Being grounded in reality can be a good thing. It unflinchingly forces us to face what needs to be addressed and plunges us into eventual acceptance whether we like it or not. But being too immersed in day to day life creates stagnation, boredom and monotony. It limits creativity, vision and growth. And that is when it is time to take flight.

While being in the air temporarily uproots us, it allows us to soar into new possibilities. As long as we are not flying to escape into a disembodied state, the journey to new horizons refreshes us. And upon landing again, we better appreciate our roots. For this reason, I will always balance having my feet on the ground and being up in the air. Here’s to flight, even when the airport is crowded and you’re not flying first class.


“The soul takes flight to the world that is invisible and there arriving, she is sure of bliss.” Plato


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